Sunday, August 24, 2008

Prologue to the Journal or Day Zero in B-School Parlance

a.k.a The day that was 19th July, 2008

One honest admission! Journalists (even inexperienced ones) are comfortable with their own brethren and hence a preconceived bias for the other gentleman teaching this course. However due to certain God-send human microprocessors, the schedule was so beautifully crafted that it was impossible to take up that other course. However RM as the instructor would be referred has to be acknowledged for giving me what I have wanted to do most but held back due to born inertia-to return to the world of the written word. Finally RM mentioned that we’d be boring him with serious plain-vanilla stuff. Any hard-hitting humour may be construed as legal methods of scoring brownie Points (@ Juhu) and marks as well.

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